Diane spring - The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10
Diane works to spring Matteo from jail on The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10.

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The Good Fight
The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10: "And the violence spread."
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The Good Fight Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Diane: Ma'am, is it true that you are thinking of trying Matteo for murder.
Vinetta: Yes. May I show you something?
Diane: Of course.
Vinetta: This is Christopher. He was walking home from school when he got caught in the crossfire of gang shootout. One of the gangs was Oscar Rivi’s. I did the eulogy Christopher's funeral. Ever done a eulogy for an 8-year-old?
Diane: No.
Vinetta: Not pleasant. This is Gabriel. He wanted to go to USC film school. He was killed by a corner boy who mistook him for somebody else.
Diane: I am sorry. I mean I can't say that I understand your pain, because, of course, I can't, but Matteo should be given over to the police, not held here.
Vinetta: The police haven't arrested anyone for those murders, any of these. Since the BLM Movement, they've pulled back from our streets. No one's coming to help. That's why I started this court. It's not a joke to us. It's not your firm's reality show…
Diane: Oh, that’s not my firm.
Vinetta: Actually it is Mrs. Lockhart. If I were you I would prepare your client for trial.

Marissa: Then why care when Judge Wackner decides.
David Cord: Why?
Marissa: Yes, why should you defer to him? Why defer to anyone?
David Cord: Isn't that the point of this entire experiment? Judge Wackner judges because we, the people, do not like the Cook County judicial system.
Marissa: So if you don't like this court system, you'll just start a new one?
David Cord: I guess.
Marissa: So then why does this matter, this court?
David Cord: It matters only in so far as we continue to agree that it matters.
Marissa: So if you don't like Judge Wackner's rulings, you can just ignore them and create a new court?
David Cord: Yes, however, I'm guessing that I will like the way the judge decides.
Marissa: Your Honor, is this what you think? That it doesn't matter what you decide?
Wackner: I need a moment to consider my ruling.