Dinner With The Family - Shadowhunters
Izzy worries about dinner with her family on Shadowhunters. "A Window Into An Empty Room" is the sixth episode of the show's third season.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 6: "A Window Into An Empty Room"
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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Simon: Heidi?! I thought you were dead.
Heidi: Yeah, not anymore. Thanks to you, Sire.
[She lips her vampire fangs]
Simon: How is that even possible?
Heidi: We both got a little carried away that night. That douche Quinn might’ve killed me, but I died with your blood on my lips.
[He steps away and walks back]
Simon: How did you come back?
Heidi: Raphael dug me up, but you’re the one that gave me life. And now we’re bonded...forever.

I know you’re in there, Jace Herondale. I know you’re suffering. When I’m done using you, you’ll return to find your friends dead and your world on fire. Burning at the hands of the son you so carelessly took from me. And when you scream and beg for death, I will smile. Now kiss me, you will need your energy.