Does Tariq know he's being double-crossed?  - Empire Season 3 Episode 14
If Anika is indeed trying to pull the wool over Tariq's eyes for the sake of the family, do you think he'll fall for it? He already made the major mistake of not revealing his familial connection to Lucious during the initial investigation, so I think he'd be stupid enough to get wrapped around one of Anika's perfectly manicured fingers.

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Empire Season 3 Episode 14: "Love is a Smoke"
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Empire Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Whatever you and him got, it ain't nothing compared to what we had.

Lucious [to Cookie]

Lucious: I was a bit of a romantic then.
Cookie: Was that before or after you divorced me?
Lucious: Does it matter? I mean, we both know that love and romance is all bull, right?