Eric car - A Teacher Season 1 Episode 8
Eric drives in his car on A Teacher Season 1 Episode 8.

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A Teacher
A Teacher Season 1 Episode 8: "Episode 8"
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A Teacher Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Lisa: Starting early, huh?
Claire: Yeah, sorry, I should have asked you first. It’s just been such a while since I’ve had any wine. Can I pour you a glass?
Lisa: No, maybe later. You look surprisingly good, considering.
Claire: Thanks. I just wanted to feel like myself again.

Claire: You should have told me you were bringing dad. It was a complete ambush.
Nate: I mean, he just wanted to help out his daughter. I didn’t see what was the big deal.
Claire: How long have you guys been talking?
Nate: Ever since Lisa went back full-time, he’s been helping out with the kids. It’s been nice.
Claire: Until it’s not.
Nate: Well, he’s been sober almost seven years.