Feelings and Things - Manifest Season 3 Episode 10
Zeke has been experiencing other peoples feelings, a phenomenon that may have developed after her beat the death date.

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Manifest Season 3 Episode 10: "Compass Calibration"
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Manifest Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Saanvi: Vance, you know better than anyone that the Callings do not follow our rules. 
Vance: Saanvi, the people I answer to have already been told we are on the brink of something huge. If we stop now, they'll just replace me, find someone to do my job. But to me, this is more than just a job. We are closer than we've ever been to figuring out what happened to 828. Can you really stop now because of two possibly related events? Because I can't. 

Is your hate for us really stronger than your love for your own son?