Getting Pulled Back - Legacies
Hope gets pulled back from her plan to leave town on Legacies. "It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough" is the seventh episode of the show's second season.

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Legacies Season 2 Episode 7: "It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough"
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Legacies Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Josie: I hate myself for having to ask you this, but cut to the chase. Who are you going to choose?
Landon: I still don't know because I am not him. I'm a prismatic hologram from your subconscious. I only know what you know. You have to find out what he knows.
Josie: Yeah, but he's holed up in the library doing research, and avoiding everything.

Vardemus: As crazy ideas go, this one certainly takes the cake.
Josie: But, it could work, right?
Vardemus: I suppose it could. However, it would require a certain level of black magic and I know how your father feels about practicing such sorcery.
Josie: It's life or death.