Grace by Night - The Undoing Season 1 Episode 5
On the first day of the trial, the prosecution presents shocking evidence, while the defense casts doubt on the police investigation. Later, Henry (Noah Jupe) divulges a secret to Grace (Nicole Kidman).

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The Undoing
The Undoing Season 1 Episode 5: "Trial By Fury"
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The Undoing Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Look, juries don't like to convict good-looking people. They certainly don't like to imprison doctors, and they don't like to punish the wealthy. As much as we think we like to stick it to the rich, in the end, we don't. We never do.

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Haley: Their case is vulnerable.
Jonathan: So you keep saying, um, although with a little more anxiety each time you say it. Here's my question. What's our case, Haley, because I don't really have clarity on that.
Haley: Our defense is wait and see. I told you, it's fluid.
Jonathan: Fluid. OK. Great, that gives me great confidence. Thank you.