Hank is Tired - Titans Season 2 Episode 7
Someone is messing with the Titans and Hank is ready to find out who it is.

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DC Universe
Titans Season 2 Episode 7: "Bruce Wayne"
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Titans Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Dick: Is he stable?
Dawn: For the moment. Whatever they shot him with left something behind. Some sort of toxin.
Dick: Maybe we should take him to a hospital.
Bruce: Genius. A nice, quiet place where they can finish him off.
Kory: The boy has special abilities.
Dawn: Yeah, I think he's safest here.
Dick: Okay.
Dawn: I think you should call Bruce. He catalogs these things. He might know who he is.
Bruce: Hello? Hey, Dick. Oh, sure. I can look the kid up. I just realized what your special skill is. The thing that makes you the natural leader in this group. You're the only one with my phone number.
Kory: Dick?
Dick: I'll call Bruce.

Dick: You all right?
Jason: All good.
Bruce: Of course he's alright. 15 stories of free-falling probably did him good.
Dick: It's past midnight, you should probably take it easy.
Jason: I don't wanna take it easy. I feel good.
Bruce: More people should drop their problem children off buildings. It clarifies the mind and body.