Harald's Plea - Vikings Season 6 Episode 14
Harald wants to work with both Ingrid and Gunnhild.

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Vikings Season 6 Episode 14: "Lost Souls"
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Vikings Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Harald: You and I, and Bjorn... we belong together. We danced around each other. We hated and we loved each other. I remember every time I ever saw you, and I remember every time I was in the company of Bjorn. Our sagas are one and the same. Bjorn died. I also died. But for some reason I came back to life. You can't have Bjorn anymore. At least not as a warm body in your bed. You can have me. And you can be Queen of Kattegat.
Gunnhild: If I marry you?
Harald: If I ask you, in all humility, and I expect no immediate answer.

I'm Prince Egor! Emperor of Rus!