Harvey Wants the Truth - Suits Season 9 Episode 1
Harvey tries to learn the truth about what Donna told her ex-boyfriend because the firm was in danger.

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Suits Season 9 Episode 1: "Everything's Changed"
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Suits Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

Donna: Rachel, call me as soon as you get this. It happened. And by it, I mean ... oh, shit. I gotta go.
Harvey: Who was that?
Donna: No one. Rachel.
Harvey: You told her, didn't you?
Donna: No, yeah.
Harvey: Well, in that case, I hope she listens to her messages before Mike because I just left him a doozy.
Donna: What? I didn't authorize you to do that. Wait, seriously, what did you tell him?
Harvey: What did you tell Rachel?
Donna: That you were better the first time.
Harvey: Good because that's exactly what I told Mike about you.
Donna: No, you didn't. And neither did I because you weren't. Because more vigorous isn't necessarily better.
Harvey: Neither is younger.
Donna: Really? Twelve hours in and you're going to chuck that one out?
Harvey: Twelve years in and, no, Donna, I'm not. Because I am glad I came over last night.
Donna: Me too.
Harvey: You do know I'm coming over again tonight, right?
Donna: Yeah. Harvey, I do know that. There is one thing that I don't know. What exactly changed to make you come over here?

Harvey: Samantha, whatever it is, it will have to wait. We have to start locking up Robert's clients before...
Samantha: That's why I'm here. Three of them have already put their accounts up for review.
Harvey: Son of a bitch. The bar just ruled on Robert yesterday.
Samantha: It gets worse. I reached out to six more, and none of them would take my call.
Harvey: Which means six more are about to go.
Samantha: And the only way that could happen this fast is if somebody's already poisoned the well.
Harvey: You think Hardman's still after us?
Samantha: I did ... until I saw these notices were dated two days ago.
Harvey: And two days ago, Hardman was gunning to have me disbarred, not Robert.
Samantha: Exactly.
Harvey: Then, who the hell knew to go after his clients.
Samantha: The same man that tried to blackmail Robert into taking his name off our wall.
Harvey: Blackmail. What are you talking about?
Samantha: I'm talking about you and I going to pay a visit to Eric Calder.