His Son's Fate - American Crime
Luis learns about the fate of his son on the fourth episode of the third season of American Crime.

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American Crime
American Crime Season 3 Episode 4: "3.04"
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American Crime Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Shae: I want an abortion.
Kimara: Okay. Have you ever had one before?
Shae: Yes.
Kimara: Where?
Shae: In DC.
Kimara: Okay. How far along are you?
Shae: I'm not really sure.
Kimara: Okay. I know someone at the courthouse. I can talk to her about getting you in.
Shae: Getting me in?
Kimara: The procedure needs to be approved.
Shae: You mean in court?
Kimara: You're underage. You need to get a waiver from a judge or permission from your parents. You wanna call them?
Shae: I didn't have to do all this in DC. I just went to Planned Parenthood.
Kimara: You're not in DC anymore. This is North Carolina.

Cop: Tell us about Teo.
Luis: Teo is my son. He is 17. He likes to laugh. I used to worry that people wouldn't take him serious, that he would get into trouble for messing around too much. But he just likes to make people happy.
Cop: That isn't what I meant. I meant, does he have any scars, tattoos or distinguishing marks we can use to help identify his body?