His Town, His Rules - Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 7
Voight refuses to stand by and watch his city get overrun by a new drug dealer in town that's responsible for a series of deadly ambushes.

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Chicago PD
Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 7: "Instinct"
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Chicago, IL, US
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Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

There's a chance I get better. And however that turns out, you'll still be an unattractive, Irish prick from Canaryville.


Ruzek: Boss. Look, I know Tommy's a mess. He's a liar, he's a cheat, he's a junkie.
Voight: That's a hell of a sales pitch.
Ruzek: He's also the best CI I ever had and I think we can work through this. At this point, I don't know if we got a lot of choice in the matter.