L - Kane Brown (Actor) - Fire Country Season 1 Episode 18
“Off the Rails” – Fire Country 1x18. Pictured: Kane Brown as Robin.

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Sergei Bachlakov/CBS
Fire Country
Fire Country Season 1 Episode 18: "Off the Rails"
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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Jake: I'm saying 9 days since I was accused of being an arsonist, and you haven't apologized to me.
Eve: Well, I didn't accuse you.
Jake: No. You didn't defend me, either. You didn't even ask me to see how I'm doing.
Eve: What's the last time you asked me how I'm doing?
Jake: How you been? I'm genuinely asking.
Eve: Since Rebecca? No great. But I started following chief's order. Fire, family, and beer.

You know, you have your own son. And my son, he doesn't look like Bode. He doesn't share your privilege. And he had to deal with that investigation.