In Harm's Way - Law & Order Season 21 Episode 6
Price and Maroun risk putting a witness in harm's way to expose a suspect on Law & Order Season 21 Episode 6.

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NBC / Virginia Sherwood
Law & Order
Law & Order Season 21 Episode 6: "Wicked Game"
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Long Island City, NY
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Law & Order Season 21 Episode 6 Quotes

Mama always said if you see something in the street, leave it alone.


Dixon: What's going on?
Suspect #1: None of your business.
[Dixon pulls out her badge] Dixon: Actually, I have all sorts of reasons that it is my business.
[Suspects start walking away.]
Dixon: Stop.
Suspect #1: You have no right to tell us what to do.
Dixon: Actually, I do. Now stop walking or I'll arrest you.
Suspect #1: For what?
Dixon: For being a punk. And I'll arrest you for being an accomplice. You think you're so tough, picking on someone who's down on his luck. Pick on me instead.