It's Personal  - Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 6
Halstead is the only witness to a crime that involves two young boys both nine-years-old. He'll do whatever it takes till justice is served.

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Chicago PD
Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 6: "False Positive"
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Chicago PD Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Kareem: You want me to tell you what was up in that stash house? What was taken?
Voight: Stolen. From your criminal enterprise. Yes, that's correct.
Prophet: This is entrapment, man.
Voight: I look like I give a damn about making a drug bust?

Platt: Anyway, I want you to help me spread some manure.
Halstead: Ah, crap.
Platt: Turkey crap to be exact.