Josie and the Ascendant - Legacies Season 2 Episode 1
Josie is clutching the ascendant as she talks to Lizzy.

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Quantrell Colbert/The CW
Legacies Season 2 Episode 1: "I'll Never Give Up Hope"
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Legacies Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Josie: Mom didn't tell you anything else about this thing?
Lizzie: Only that it's called an ascendant. And you and I made it with Aunt Bonnie when we were 5.
Josie: Does it have anything to do with the merge?
Lizzie: I don't know. Mom keeps being cagey about it.

Lizzie: Sorry, mom almost busted me.
Josie: You know, we can face chat like normal people.
Lizzie: We are not normal. And we need to keep our magic sharp this summer.
Josie: How's therapy going?
Lizzie: Fine. There is this sexy Swedish guy whose session is after me on Tuesdays. I think he's Swedish, maybe Polish. Anyway, it doesn't matter. He's hot and crazy and the language barrier will make it impossible for us to communicate. Just how I like it.
Josie: Should really work on that.
Lizzie: I'll add it to the list of broken pieces to glue together. What about you? Any hot summer dates.
Josie: Dad's been like my plus one ever since he got the master boot. I honestly think he's going through a midlife crisis.
Lizzie: Gross. Hair growth?
Josie: Bushy?
Lizzie: Weighty prospects?
Josie: Lacking.
Lizzie: Are you not having any fun at all? What about wee willy winkle?
Josie: Landon's been keeping to himself mostly. He's off with Raf.
Lizzie: So, ditch it all and come to Europe.
Josie: No, I don't want to leave dad alone. I think he's going to go out and buy a red car.
Lizzie: I thought we aspired to be less co-dependent?
Josie: We are. There's co-dependent and then there's leaving dad with his alarming mustache growth.