Justine Bateman on Arrested Development
Justine Bateman joins her brother, Jason, on Arrested Development playing the character's potentially long lost sister, Nellie.

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Arrested Development
Arrested Development Season 3 Episode 11: "Family Ties"
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Arrested Development Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Lucille: Michael. What a surprise.
Michael: Really? Were you expecting somebody else? Maybe, uh, one of your two daughters?
Lucille: Oh, Lindsay and Tobias never visit.

(Michael is talking to Nellie)
Narrator: Hey, let's see what some of the other folks are up to.
(Shot of George Michael doing homework)
Narrator: Nothing there.
(Shot of George, Sr. clipping his toenails)
Narrator: Or there.
(Shot of Buster's nurse getting into bed with him)
Narrator: Oh, my ... Let's get back to Michael.