Knows Him Too Well - The Boys Season 2 Episode 4
On The Boys Season 2 Episode 4, Homelander does some soul searching and the latest member of The Seven is revealed to have one hell of a secret.

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The Boys
The Boys Season 2 Episode 4: "Nothing Like It in the World"
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The Boys Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Hughie: Is that an Almond Joy?
Annie: Mmm hmm.
Hughie: Nobody likes Almond Joy. Jeffrey Dahmer. That's it. He's the only one.
Annie: This is in my top three, for sure.
Hughie: What are your other two?
Annie: Mmm. Charleston Chew and Bit-o-Honey.
Hughie: Jesus Christ! Those are like the three worst candy bars in the history of candy. That's it, you're sick in the brain.

Myron: Why you doin' this to me, Lady? Ain't you supposed to be the hero?
Lady Liberty: I am a hero for killing a Black piece of shit like you.