Lavinia speak - Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2
Lavinia speaks with Ship on Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2.

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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2: "Fame is a fickle food"
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Dickinson Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Edward: Your Uncle Martin is dead.
Austin: Oh, oh, oh, that sucks.
Edward: No, that’s very good for us.
Austin: Oh, OK, good.
Edward: I have been appointed executor of his estate.
Austin: Uh-huh.
Edward: Which means through various loopholes, all strictly above board of course. That we may now have a new cashflow to aid in reducing our debt.
Austin: OK.
Edward: With one minor caveat, of course, which may mean a little extra work for us. The adoption into our home of one or two assets of the deceased.

Mrs. Dickinson: You can take the night off.
Maggie: Well, thank you, madam. It’s so nice of you to notice me back troubles.
Mrs. Dickinson: I didn’t. Today is the Amherst cattle show, which means tonight is a special night for me and Edward.
Maggie: I beg your pardon.
Mrs. Dickinson: You see every year on the night of the cattle show, Edward and I have a date.
Maggie: All right then.
Mrs. Dickinson: The cattle shows gets him very excited.
Maggie: I’ve heard enough, ma’am.
Mrs. Dickinson: Once a year, like clockwork.
Maggie: Please no more details.