Lorelai is Keeping Warm - Gilmore Girls
Lorelai is keeping warm in Winter with her signature style and her killer smile to match. Has Lauren Graham aged at all?!

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Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Quotes

Dean: (referring to Tristan) Your boyfriend's waiting.
Rory: He's not my boyfriend! I hate him!
Dean: Whatever.
Rory: Dean!
Dean: What?
Rory: Stop!
Dean: Why?
Rory: Because I love you, you idiot!

(Drella is playing the intro to Iron Man on the harp)
Lorelai: No Black Sabbath.
Drella: No one is listening.
Lorelai: No Black Sabbath, no Steely Dan, no Boston and no Queen.
Drella: What happened to make you so cold?
Lorelai: We like that Mozart. (heads towards the kitchen)
Drella: I am the Artie Shaw of harpists.