Maggie and OA - FBI Season 1 Episode 2
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FBI Season 1 Episode 2: "Green Birds"
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FBI Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

OA: The name of the site is Dark Jihad.
Maggie: Jihad?
OA: Caroline was not working with amateurs, she was working with ISIS.

Maggie: I remember being a teenager. You know, I understand wanting to do something because a boy is giving you attention or you want to belong. I cannot understand why those girls would be attracted to ISIS.
OA: Sure, but you probably had good grades and friends and made the track team and had a good relationship with your father.
Maggie: I understand vulnerability. You don't have to mansplain the female teenage brain to me.
OA: Okay, fair enough. My point is, when I was undercover, I saw my faith weaponized all the time.