Marisol Nichols as Hermoine Lodge - Riverdale
Veronica's mother. Hermoine grew up in the town of Riverdale before moving away after getting married. She returns to town with her daughter after a family scandal. But what could this scandal be?

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Marisol Nichols
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Marisol Nichols Quotes

Mrs. Lodge: When your father was arrested, he made you a legal officer of Lodge Industries. Surprise! And two out of three signatures are needed to override the contract, which your father wants to give to a less than legit outfit.
Veronica: And you want my help to give it to your boyfriend? [Scoffs] I was going to apologize to you. If I sign that, will you stop seeing Fred Andrews?
Mrs. Lodge: Honey, I can't agree to that.
Veronica: Then that case, Mom, I'm sorry, but no. However, you're rationalizing what you're doing with Archie's dad, I don't want any part of it.
[She leaves]
[Hermione forges Veronica's signature]

Mrs. Cooper: Hermoine Lodge. Park Ave Princess to cater waiter.
Mrs. Lodge: Alice Cooper. No longer lactose intolerant, I see.
Mrs. Cooper: How's Veronica? Oh, you don't even know, do you? The things they're saying about your daughter at school?
Mrs. Lodge: What things?
Mrs. Cooper: Slut-shaming. It's what they call it when sluts get shamed.