Mike is Back - Suits Season 9 Episode 5
Mike is back in New York, and he's ready to change things up, once and for all.

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Suits Season 9 Episode 5: "If the Shoe Fits"
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Suits Season 9 Episode 5 Quotes

Harvey: I see what this is. You want to take me on.
Mike: Take you on, kick your ass. What's the difference?
Harvey: How fair do you want this fight to be?
Mike: Anything that can get us disbarred or put in jail is off-limits. I'll make sure to accept your loss gracefully.

Harvey: You know, just because she gave you a key, doesn't mean you're staying here.
Mike: Why would I stay here? I've got my old apartment that you're pretending to rent for me. Rick Sorkin? You've gone soft.
Harvey: Maybe I've always been a softie.
Mike: What happened to caring makes you weak?
Harvey: I think you're confusing caring with moving to Seattle. Speaking of Seattle, don't you have some old ladies looking to sue the condo association?
Mike: Yes, I do, but those old ladies are going to have to wait because I always have time for an old friend. It's good to see you, Harvey.
Harvey: It's great to see you Mike.