Never Left My Side - AWAY Season 1 Episode 4
A young Ram (Krish Marwah) at the funeral for his brother, Rohit (Anant Aneja).

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Diyah Pera/Netflix
AWAY Season 1 Episode 4: "Excellent Chariots"
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AWAY Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Ram: You know, after Rohit died, everything changed. My parents, they, um, they basically shut down from me, and from life. It was like after he died, I... I lost them too. I lost my family.
Emma: That must be so painful.
Ram: If I'm ever lucky enough to have someone stand beside me like he did, and like you did, I'm not gonna be afraid. I won't ever let her go.

You know, when I was little, kids used to say that when people died, they'd go up into the sky. And I was like, "No, that's where my mom goes. She's not dead; she's an astronaut."