Nick Is Floored - Absentia Season 1 Episode 6
Nick is floored when Alice shares her news with him on Absentia. "Nobody's Innocent" is the sixth episode of the show's first season.

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Absentia Season 1 Episode 6: "Nobody’s Innocent"
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Absentia Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Our whole life together, it's just a consolation, isn't it? Admit it, I'm only in the picture because she left it. This, us, this was never your choice, not your first choice. This is you settling and I can't be that.


Nick: I thought my past was behind us, and then it came back out of no where, but this is what I want now. This is my life. You and me and our children. I'm done with the past, I swear to you.
Alice: I think you want to be, but you won’t be. Not until there's closure. Find her, Nick. End this and then we’ll talk.