Nico and Hector at the Premiere Party
Hector pulls Nico aside during the party to tell her that Kirby dropped the suit. Thanks for not saying it in front of Charles.

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Lipstick Jungle
Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 4: "Bombay Highway"
Nico Reilly
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

It's good Wendy. It's sweeping. It's touching. You have a big hit on your hands. I'm sleeping with a 25 year old!


I get it, I offend 60 people in one time zone before I'm awake in another people like us are easy target ... if need be, we'll tap into a slush fund we have set up for this sort of thing


Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Song Get What I Want Bitter:Sweet
Song A National Anthem The Details
Song You're My Flame Zero 7