Not so Lucky
A key point is to be made here. This is a scene from the second to last episode of Luck.

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Luck Season 1 Episode 8: "108"
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Luck Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Leon: The most specialist stuff there is, cause I've tried everything I heard of.

Ronnie: I won the Kentucky derby. Where I've been since...this race coming up is the biggest race of my life. I ain't about to f**k up my own luck ruining things for somebody else.

DiRossi: So now we're out of his move.
Mike: Out of his move, Nick? No. It's Ace with whom we're severing connections. We're businessmen after all, and savage bands are hardly in short supply. We're gonna take over and multiply Ace's plans, bring in slots and table games, put the sport on a sound fiscal basis.
DiRossi: While Bernstein's doing what?
Mike: My thought, Nick, would be nothing at all.