Now a Couple Tall - Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 1
Now a couple with their own firm, Joanna Chang (Kristin Kreuk) and Billy Crawford (Peter Mooney) face a tough verdict after disagreeing how to handle their first case. Looking for a break, Billy convinces Joanna to return to Millwood for a high school reunion. However, when an old friend from Joanna's past suffers a devastating loss, Joanna is forced to face long-buried demons from her past.

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Burden of Truth
Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 1: "Crawford Chang"
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Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Juries like blue. Brings out your eyes


Joanna: We want the jury to think this could happen to them.
Billy: Play on their fear.
Joanna: But not too hard or we'll lose them. Stay likable.
Billy: I am likable.
Joanna: Jury's still out, Crawford.
Billy: I'm more likable than you.
Joanna: Well, that is a very low bar.