On My Order - Chicago P.D.  - Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 1
Don't move until I say so. That's what I imagine Voight saying to his team. He's been known to run a tight ship when it comes to Intelligence, but will he continue being a trusted leader with all the changes in his unit?

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Chicago PD
Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 1: "Reform"
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Chicago, Il
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Chicago PD Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Morgan William's senseless death has caused this city great distress and pain. And as a result, we've gone to great lengths to find someone to blame. Someone to hate. And no one has wanted to hate Detective Halstead more than me. But, the more I learned about what actually transpired that morning, the more I'm convinced Detective Halstead did nothing wrong. In fact, his actions saved several lives, several black lives.

Alderman Price

Halstead: She's not coming back is she?
Voight: Look it was time for her to move on. You need to make peace with it.