Pep Talk - All American Season 1 Episode 16
It's unclear if this moment is before the game or after the potential injury. Either way it looks like Corey is giving Spencer a pep talk. If it's after the injury, we hope he's able to help him cope. He'll be devastated if he can't finish the game.

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All American
All American Season 1 Episode 16: "Championships"
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All American Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Spencer: How can you focus on a game right now with everything that's going on?
Billy: It's easy. This is all I have left.

Spencer: Am I seriously getting in trouble for apologizing right now?
Layla: No, Spencer I just want you to stop trying to absorb all the world's problems as your own. No one can survive under that weight.
Spencer: That's not what I'm doing.
Layla: You do it all the time.