Prince Charles and Princess  Diana of The Crown
This is a production still of Prince Charles and Princess Diana from The Crown.

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Inej: Kaz, if not Saints, what do you believe in?
Kaz: Myself.
Inej: Why'd I even ask?
Kaz: And you. And Jesper. My Crows.
Inej: Because we flock to your bidding? Like the animals of vengeance, you named us after?
Kaz: Crows don't just remember the faces of people who wronged them. They also remember those who were kind. They tell each other who to look after and who to watch out for. No Saint ever watched over me. Not like you have.

Lu: This mission was taken from you, and they reassigned you somewhere else. Something definitely has happened. It's my fault. I'm so sorry.
Mei: It's because I love you that the mission was taken from me, and I will never be sorry for that.