Ray and Mickey
Ray and Mickey must deal with the consequences when an FBI agent learns of their role in Sully Sullivan's death on the season premiere of Ray Donovan.

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Ray Donovan
Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 1: "Yo Soy Capitan"
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Ray Donovan Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Ray: I brought Sully out here to kill my father. Paid him $2 million to do it.
Frank: Jesus fuckin' Christ Ray.
Ray: Will you shut the fuck up?
Cochran: Well, ha, that didn't turn out so well now, did it? Either of you two guys want to tell me who in the fuck shot Sully?
Ray: My father.

Ray: I'm Ray Donovan.
Cochran: Oh I know who you are. You're a bag man for movie stars. You're also an extortionist, wire-tapper; well, basically you're an all around piece of shit.