Reexamining His Loyalties - Bates Motel
Norman begins to reexamine his loyalties on Bates Motel. "Hidden" is the fourth episode of the show's fifth season.

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Bates Motel
Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 4: "Hidden"
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Bates Motel Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Sheriff Green: Hello, Norman. Pretty night, isn't it?
Norman: Oh yes, Sheriff. Isn't it just?

Mother: What the hell crawled into your pants?
Norman: I don't like how things are.
Mother: Mmm hmm. Well, neither does anyone in all of God's creation. We are a species of complainers. What makes today so special?
Norman: Because nothing ever happens the way that I think it should, Mother!
Mother: Mmmm.