Right To The Source - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4
Who did buy the local drive-in with plans to tear it down? Jughead needs help in figuring that out. It looks like this aspiring author, and new investigative journalist, is dusting off his sleuthing skills to find answers.

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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4: "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show"
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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Veronica: What's happening out there? Do we know? Is it about me?
Jughead: I have a strong inkling, and no. Also, I'd let it go.
Veronica: Yes, but you're you and I'm me. You do you, girl. I'll be back.
[She leaves]
Kevin: What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember.

If I would have known Mama Lodge was working as a waitress at Pop's, I never would've given Veronica a spot on the Vixens. It's off-brand and it sends a false message of acceptance.