Lucas is the talk of the Valley. Elizabeth and the whole town rallies around him, but everyone still worries it won’t be enough to stop the Governor.

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When Calls the Heart
When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 11: "Long Time Running"
Rosemary Coulter
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When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 11 Quotes

Elizabeth: What is it?
Rosemary: Cunningham has withdrawn from the governor’s race. Governor Balfour will now run unopposed.

So much has changed in just one day, the day Lucas stood up and exposed Governor Balfour’s corruption. I’m so proud of him. When we all realized he was the only one to save the town, he rose to the occasion in a way I could not have imagined. The moment he finished that speech, people started talking. And when Rosemary’s article got picked up by the big city papers, well, nothing could have prepared me. I can’t help feeling confused and afraid of change, of losing things I care about. With everything happening, it’s been hard to think about us, and I’m starting to wonder about our plans. I need to share that with Lucas and ask him what his heart is telling him about his future. I wish I knew what my heart was telling me.