Sarah Michelle Gellar Attends WE Day
Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar attends WE Day UN 2018 at Barclays Center on September 26, 2018 in New York City.

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Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for WE Day
Sarah Michelle Gellar
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New York, NY
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Sarah Michelle Gellar Quotes

Cordelia: You'll be okay here. If you hang with me and mine, you'll be accepted in no time. Of course, we do have to test your coolness factor. You're from L.A., so you can skip the written. So let's see...vamp nail polish?
Buffy: Over?
Cordelia: So over. James Spader?
Buffy: He needs to call me!
Cordelia: Frappachinos?
Buffy: Trendy but tasty.
Cordelia: Josh Tesh.
Buffy: The devil.
Cordelia: That was pretty much a gimme, but you passed!

Joyce: Okay, have a good time! I know you're going to make friends right away, just think positive.
[Buffy leaves the car]
Joyce: And honey...
[Buffy turns around]
Joyce: Try not to get kicked out.
Buffy: I promise.