Scott and a Berzerker
Scott gets whipped by a Berzerker in this freaky scene from Teen Wolf Season 4. We hope he's okay!

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Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2: "117"
Scott McCall
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Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Scott: This is Malia.
Peter: Beautiful eyes. Did you get them from your father?
Malia: Mother.
Peter: Interesting. Anyway, I'm sure they told you a lot about me.
Malia: The homicidal killing spree came up.
Peter: Well, we're all works in progress.

Sheriff Stilinski: I want you to be honest with me. Totally and completely honest. Have you been time traveling?
Stiles: Hang on, what?
Sheriff: Because if time traveling is real, I'm done, I'm out. You're going to be driving me to Eichen House.
Scott: We found him like that.
Sheriff: Where? Swimming in the fountain of youth?!
Stiles: No. We found him buried in a tomb of wolfsbane in an Azetec temple in Mexico underneath a church in the middle of a town that was destroyed by an earthquake.