Rocket Woman - AWAY

Lu learns English by singing Elton John's Rocket Man

Emma's New Dream - AWAY Season 1 Episode 9

Lex (Talitha Bateman) at Melissa's house while waiting to hear whether Emma will survive.

One Last Shot - AWAY Season 1 Episode 9

Ram (Ray Panthaki) and Emma (Hilary Swank) prepare for one last attempt to obtain water.

Mission Control - AWAY Season 1 Episode 8

Jack Willmore (Martin Cummins) is working at NASA's Mission Control.

Lu's First Steps - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Lu (Vivian Wu) joins Misha on Mars as she takes her first steps.

I Would Be Honored - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Kwesi (Ato Essandoh) is elated but happy to agree to Lu's request.

Kwesi's Disbelief - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Kwesi (Ato Essandoh) takes his first steps on Mars.

Ahead of the Curve - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Misha (Mark Ivanir) and Lu (Vivian Wu) having an emotional conversation.

Touchdown Confirmed - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

An elated Emma (Hilary Swank) once the Atlas touches down on Mars.

Lu Finds God - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Lu (Vivian Wu) requests Kwesi to do something before landing on Mars.

The People You Love - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Misha gives Lu (Vivian Wu) very important advice. Lu is emotional.

Nothing to Apologize For - AWAY Season 1 Episode 10

Emma (Hilary Swank) and Ram (Ray Panthaki) suiting up for the descent to Mars.

AWAY Quotes

Reporter: Why should we care more about Mars than we do our own planet?
Emma: We shouldn't. Of course, we should care about social imperatives. But in the US alone, we spend a trillion dollars each year on the military, and mostly in case the countries represented here decide to blow each other off the face of the Earth. This mission, it costs a fraction of that, as we work together, repurposing those same tools of destruction for discovery.
Kwesi: At this very moment, there's a team of astronauts on the Moon, mining polar ice caps for fuel and water.
Misha: Water that will be pumped into the hull of our ship to shield us from radiation, allowing us to travel safely from the Moon to Mars.
Emma: Reaching Mars... might prove to be the greatest achievement. Not only for science, but for the future of our planet.

Yeah, but you gotta be the one that wants to take the shot!