Sarah is Ready

Sarah is looking for the Ambassador's new Rolls Royce as she has her gun ready. Unfortunately that pretty face of Sarah's is about to get ruined by a lady Triad.

Chuck Spies

Chuck desperately spies on Anna's new boyfriend, Jason, as he hopes to get a flash to figure out their plan in last night's episode of Chuck, "Chuck Verus the Best Friend."

Chuck Hides

Chuck attempts to hide behind a car as he spies on members of the Triad doing business with Anna's new boyfriend Jason in last night's "Chuck Versus the Best Friend."

Chuck Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Jeff: This is what we've always wanted for Jeffster; we started a small venue like this, pretty soon where playing the big time.
Lester: Yeah, sure we're gonna blow their minds but uh...where's all this lead? Stadium, groupies, drugs, creative differences and then what? Jeffster breaks up, that's you and me, Jeff, and then what's my fate? Some chamber maid finds me in a hotel having accidentally asphyxiated making love to myself? It's just not worth it.

Sarah: I wanted to apologize. I could've been more sensitive before about your friendship with Morgan. It's's difficult. I don't really have anyone in my life like that who cares about me.
Chuck: Yeah, you do.