Preparing to Leave St. Germaine - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

It looks like Kyle and Alan are preparing to leave St. Germaine. What will become of Brother Michael and his fellowship? Will he get away with "thinning" his flock? Tune in Friday, March 6 for all these answers and more!

Will Alan Be Arrested? - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

Alan is wanted in connection to the Paris bombing. Will he be able to help stop this new outbreak or be arrested?

Jules on the Hunt - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

Has Jules discovered something, or someone, in this shot? Will she bash Caleb's head in with that crowbar?

Jules of the Future - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

We will finally check back in with future Jules this week. Will she manage to locate Caleb and get her sword back?

Can Kyle Help the Sick? - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

It looks like the infected Olivia was hoping to save have started to succumb to the disease. Will Kyle and Alan develop an antidote in time?

Amy Remains Trapped - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

Amy remains trapped and forced to deal with her father, Brother Michael, and his twisted plans.

Peter Ponders the Next Move - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

Peter ponders the group's next move. Where has the wicked Brother Michael run off to?

Peter and Anne Break In - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

Peter and Anne break into the dining hall to discover Michael has successfully thinned out his flock.

Alan and Kyle Rescued - Helix Season 2 Episode 8

Alan and Kyle are rescued by the Coast Guard, who need the CDC team to handle another outbreak of the pathogen on a nearby island.

Helix Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Kyle: Come on, things are intense enough without you screwing with my head.
Sarah: Look Kyle, we really need to talk.
Kyle: About what? A five hundred year old man?

Brother Michael: The thinning is completed. It was a terrible day, but a necessary one. The children are always the most difficult; tiny hands. A pity they couldn't be spared.
Amy: I'm sorry you had to go through it alone.
Brother Michael: That's not what you were saying yesterday.
Amy: I've had time to think.