Team Gathering

The team gathers together in this scene from Hellcats. It's courtesy of the fifth episode, "The Prisoner's Song."

Savanna with Dan

Savannah has a funny expression on her face in this scene, as she listens to Dan talk during the episode "The Prisoner's Song."

Hand Shaking Cheerleaders

Savannah and Alice shake hands in this scene. But will the truce between the characters last?

Hellcats Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Vanessa: I'm sick of the games.
Red: Me too, but you play the hand that your dealt.

See, the Hellcats are the Beatles. Savannah is John Lennon, Alice is co-captain so she's Paul McCartney. They've got this rivalry going that has to be kept in check or it could break up the band. But you, you're not really in the band. Sorry dude, you're Yoko.