Chris Grismer Quantum Leap


Addison Entering Accelerator in White Suit

Addison entering the accelerator in a white suit as she preps for a leap

Racetrack Heart Attack Against Time

Ben's racecar dad is lying on the racetrack after having a heart attack

Jenn gunshot in Hallway Against Time

Jenn is slumped on the floor of a hallway after being shot

Jenn headshot in baseball cap

Jenn in closeup wearing a black baseball cap with her long dark hair visible

Addison Surprised Against Time

Addison looking surprised wearing a leather jacket in a medium shot

Ben and Racecar Dad Against Time

Ben and his racecar dad in profile at the racetrack garage in daylight

Gideon and Ben on racetrack

Gideon and the back of Ben's head on the racetrack in daylight

Addison Profile Shot Against Time

Addison in a medium shot profile in control room with gray and blue surroundings

Hannah headshot at racetrack Against Time

Hannah with long blonde hair in a medium closeup looking up at the stands with the racetrack behind her

Against Time Ben and Hannah Together

Ben and Hannah are together in profile at the racetrack

Red Light James Frain Against Time

James Frain as Gideon in red lit elevator holding a walkie talkie

Quantum Leap Quotes

Look, I’m not trying to tell you how to do your job. I’m just merely offering a counterpoint from someone who has impeccable taste in music.


Addison: Have you been hiding?
Ben: Hiding? No, I was just in a different section of the apartment.
Addison: You mean the bathroom where you were hiding from the party you didn’t want to have?
Ben: I love parties. Having everyone in here, touching all our stuff. I would’ve proposed way sooner if I knew we got to do this.