Dorothy Goes Up the Stairs - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

Dorothy is going up the stairs to prove that she is better.

Leanne's Attic - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

Leanne is in the attic, trying to find a way to make sense of everything.

Sean is in Pain - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

Sean has a renewed sense of happiness after realizing there's more to life than worrying.

Kourtney With a K - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

Kourtney with a K is causing problems for the Turners.

Julian's Decline - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

Julian is declining following the latest drama at the house.

A Mysterious Arrival - Servant Season 2 Episode 9

A Mysterious arrival changes everything at the Turner house.

Leanne is Scared - Servant

Leanne is scared after realizing Dorothy is planning to hurt herself.

Servant Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Julian: What we did was a mistake. I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Leanne: I'm not. I feel different now, Julian, more powerful. It feels good. I think it feels good for you too, doesn't it?
Julian: This isn't right. I'm not right in the head.
Leanne: Then just let me take your pain away, like I did last night.
Julian: What are you doing, Leanne?
Leanne: What I want.
Julian: I should go.

Sean: They're talking about playing games, so I decided to slip out.
Dorothy: Lunch was nice.
Sean: Thank you.
Dorothy: It's just after three.
Sean: What do you think?
Dorothy: Maybe I was wrong. We'll give them to sunset.
Sean: Yeah.