Wilhelmina Kisses Connor

After Molly dumps Connor (Grant Bowler), he heads straight over to Wilhelmina's apartment and the two of them share a long overdue kiss.

Daniel and Molly Kiss

After Molly (Sarah Lafleur) breaks up with Connor, she comes straight to Daniel's and the two have them finally get to kiss.

Betty and Marc Arrive

Betty and Marc arrive at Wilhelmina's party with the dress they stole back from Elle magazine. We've never seen these two so proud before.

Connor and Molly Leave

After Molly (Sarah Lafleur) has a conversation with Daniel, she grabs Connor (Grant Bowler) and storms off to leave Wilhelmina's party.

The Most Divine Couple

Wilhelmina and Connor (Grant Bowler) make the most divine couple. Just ask anyway... except, of course, Molly.

Betty and Teri

Betty and Teri (Nikki Blonsky), an assistant at rival magazine Elle sit down and have a little chat.

Connor Helps Betty Out

The very sexy Connor (Grant Bowler) gives Betty some advice on the YETI program and networking in general. Everyone seems to be pushing Betty to ignore her family in this episode.

Bernadette Peters as Jodie Papadakis

Bernadette Peters guest stars as Jodie Papadakis, the editor in charge of Betty and Marc's program they joined, YETI.

Nikki Blonsky as Teri

Nikki Blonsky guest stars as Teri, a seemingly nice assistant at Elle who befriends Betty only to steal information from her! Nice pink stripe.

Ugly Betty Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Conner: I love the whole "good cop, bad cop" thing you two have going
Daniel: It's not really a thing, it's more like I'm nice and she's not
Wilhelmina: Can I help it that my balls are bigger than his
Conner: God I love this woman

Daniel: We are not going to lose to Elle again
Wilhelmina: If we do, one of you dies