Skyler (Marcia Cross) has some big plans and is making some moves on Monarch Season 1 Episode 11, the finale.

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Monarch Season 1 Episode 11: "The Last Dance"
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Monarch Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Earl: Did they actually think they'd get away with?
Gigi: I think they just crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.
Earl: Well they should've crossed their legs. This whole thing shouldn't have happened. Sorry, I tend to hide behind humor in times of emotional distress.
Gigi: I hide behind Tequila.

I understand why you did it. But there are things in life that can't e forgiven. Betraying my trust, breaking my daughter's heart? Top of the list. So you need to gather your personals and leave. If you ever step foot on the premise again, I promise, I'll dig a hole for you.

Albie [to Jamie]