Standing Up for Herself -tall - Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12
Brie finds some healing in opening up to Brady and now she's standing up for herself to Don, her rapist.

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Virgin River
Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12: "The Long Goodbye"
Brie Sheridan
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Virgin River Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Mike: You're a free man.
Brady: What?
Mike: It turns out Deputy Howard was helping Calvin launder money.
Brady: How did you figure that out?
Mike: Brie.

Jack: I don't care what that email says. I love you, and I'm going to love our baby so much.
Mel: I love you too. I'm sorry.
Jack: What?
Mel: We wouldn't have been in this position if it wasn't for me.
Jack: No, hey this is not your fault. I never thought that I never will.
Mel: If I hadn't gone to the clinic.
Jack: If I never broke up with you. We are not here because of you. We're here because of us. It might not be perfect but we are together that's the only thing that matters. You and me. We got this okay.