All Smiles - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

The friends are all sharing good times and plenty of good memories in their days at Riverdale High together.

Milkshakes - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

If there's one thing you can count on at Pop Tate's Chock'lit Shoppe, it will be the delicious milkshakes.

Mother & Son - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 20

Mary Andrews will always be there for her son Archie. She'll stand by him if he decides to travel the world.

Roomies - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 19

Reggie Mantle and Archie Andrews are heading their separate ways this summer. Their futures might also take them in different directions too.

Cold War Paranoia - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 18

The town of Riverdale has fallen under the spell of paranoia. The fear of the Cold War has caused everyone to panic.

Archie The Musical - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 14

The Riverdale High crew take part in the final musical. This time, it's inspired by Archie Andrews himself.

Hiram Returns - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 13

The Big Bad of Riverdale's original timeline has returned, but this time, it's in the form of a new version of Hiram Lodge.

The Love Triangle - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 5

Even in the alternate reality of Riverdale 1955, romantic tensions between Archie, Betty, and Veronica are still a thing.

Basketball Star - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 5

Riverdale High 1955 has set its sights on basketball. Will Archie be a star on the court in this new reality?

Hot & Heavy - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 4

Archie Andrews has set his sights on a new girl at Riverdale High. Has the passion erupted between him and Cheryl?

Facing The Music - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3

Has Veronica's games caught up with her? Archie shut her down during the Sock Hop, but anything could be possible.

Dating Options - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3

Veronica Lodge isn't one to go for the easy option. She's toying with the idea of who she'll date and who she wants to be with.

K. J. Apa Quotes

Betty: I'm not gonna ask what you did with Veronica at Cheryl's. I'm asking you now, right now, if you love me, Archie, or even like me?
Archie: Of course I love you, Betty. But I can't give you the answer you want.
Betty: Why?
Archie: You are so perfect. I've never been good enough for you. I'll never be good enough for you.

Veronica: I'm filled with dread.
Archie: Why's that?
Veronica: Are you familiar with the works of Truman Capote? I'm "Breakfast at Tiffany's" but this place is strictly "In Cold Blood."