Still in the Game - Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 8
On Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 8, Weir is forced to play his final ace when Crowley's nefarious psyop to win support of the Shared Data Act and hijack democracy succeeds. But Crowley's counter puts both Liv and Ben in mortal danger.

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Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 8: "Ace In the Hole"
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Rabbit Hole Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You said Jo Madi was honest, so I gave her some information to prove what was going on, and I, I asked her to arrest you, to take you off the street so you could be safe.


He'll build the country he's always wanted, ruled over by a privileged few. And create a permanent underclass. Women in the home, homosexuals in the closet, or better still, buried in the ground. It's a world of a hundred years ago, this world. God help us all.