Storm Drives The Getaway Car - Coroner Season 1 Episode 4
Randall (Storm) Jeffries drives as he, Dylan Lee, and Dylan's innocent girlfriend flee the cops.

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 4: "Quick or Dead"
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Coroner Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jenny: I screwed up.
McAvoy: What?
Jenny: Amanda. I've been trying to get her on the phone since the apiary.
McAvoy: That's not your job. That's police work.
Jenny: She asked me to protect her. She was scared. She said she wanted to come home with me.
McAvoy: You followed protocol. You learn soon enough, in this job, there are a lot of stray cats.
Jenny: She's a young girl.
McAvoy: You know what I mean. You can't take all of them home. All right, Cat Lady? Or should I say Dr. Cat Lady?

McAvoy: Only your first month and all these bodies.
Jenny: Yeah, lucky me.