Swapping DNA - The Flash Season 4 Episode 15
Melting Pot has swapped out some DNA and Iris has Barry's abilities. Oh, yes, it's happening.

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The Flash
The Flash Season 4 Episode 16: "Run, Iris, Run"
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Harry: Listen, Ramon, DeVoe wants these bodies. All right? Maybe we change the bodies, we keep these people safe.
Cisco: I'm sorry, don't you have, like, six PhD's?
Harry: Seven.
Cisco: Yeah, which one of them is in mad science?
Harry: Mad science is just an area of study. It's not a degree, okay?

Barry: You know, you didn't have to give up your speed, right? I mean, I would've never asked you to.
Iris: I know.
Barry: Why'd you do it?
Iris: Do you know what makes a great speedster? It isn't their speed. It's being the light that everyone needs when the world grows dark. It's the kind of person they are. The kind of person that always wants to help. That's why being the Flash is your destiny. It's your way of helping others. But it isn't mine. This is.